IECHost client updated again

Over the weekend I stumbled over what I’d refer to as an incomplete implementation of the logic within the IECHost GUI client when sector retry attempts are exhausted for a track.
The consequence of this bug is that in presence of tracks with lots of errors, a track change would have been missed by the GUI.

Version 2.13 of the client is now available within my Software page.


Software updates

Version 4.3 binaries of the DC2N4-LC multi-threaded GUI client were published within my Software page.

DC2N4-LC GTK+ GUI client: filename interceptor by Luigi Di Fraia

DC2N4-LC GTK+ GUI client: filename interceptor

Within the same Software page I also published version 1.1 binaries of my filename extractors.

I also wrote a gist that uses the CBM ROM filename extractor in order to append the name of the first CBM ROM file found in each TAP file to the TAP filename itself. It requires a bash equivalent under Windows. If you have Git installed, you can use Git Bash.

IECHost client updated

Version 2.9 of the IECHost GUI client and version 1.6 of the IECHost CLI Utilities were published within my Software page.

Details of what’s changed in this version are provided within each package, through the changelog.txt file. Additionally, I am managing an issue tracker for the GUI application on Hosted Redmine.

Please be advised that a number of features in the recently introduced Tools menu require a firmware update, which can be performed through either client software once the device and bootloader ports are both discovered correctly, as per IECHost manual.

IECHost multi-threaded client: tools menu by Luigi Di Fraia

IECHost multi-threaded client: tools menu