Welcome to my website! For those wondering which Luigi this is among the few ones who share their name with myself, I am the author of projects such as DC2N, USBhost-64, C2NEmu, and IECHost.

If you were directed to this website through a link to a very specific subject, such as Integrator 2012, I suggest you check my SoftwareHardware, and Retroware pages which have handy links to filter my WordPress.com posts by subject: hopefully that should allow you to get to the articles that are most relevant to your visit here 🙂

At work I am a DevOps Engineer so I get to work with the latest technologies and open-source software such as CentOS, Ansible, Cobbler, Apache Hadoop, Accumulo, ZooKeeper, NiFi, and VMware virtualisation. However, in my private time I enjoy retro-computing: my projects are often related to the Commodore 64. The latter was the first programmable home computer I had when I was a teenager. My passion for this system has only grown over time to the point that I designed both new hardware interfaces and software for it. You can find a few more details around here and on my WordPress.com blog.

From an education/background perspective I should mention that I am an electronics engineer specialized in the design of electronic medical equipment. However, my thesis was worked at within the department of electronic measurements of the University of Naples where I developed part of the analogue interface and the whole firmware for accurate distance measurements by means of ultrasonic echo detection. An accurate detection of the on-set point of the ultrasonic echo was achieved by using a Discrete Kalman Filter, implemented on a Microchip DSP.

After obtaining my Masters degree I completed a five-month Network and Network Security post-graduate course that gave me a better view of the TCP/IP stack, of the PKI infrastructure, and of Security Hardening methods for computer networks. Most of the material I became familiar with during the course formed the basis of the CCNA curriculum.

Along with these education experiences I always enjoyed computer programming: initially mostly for command-line PC applications, but subsequently I got exposed to the Win32 API for GUI applications, and eventually to the GTK+ 2 framework, which I adopted heavily due to its multi-platform support.

Having acquired some experience with embedded system development during the work on my thesis, and having enjoyed it, I also started making plans about designing an embedded device of mine, the DC2N. During the discovery activities I abandoned the red path (Microchip) in order to walk along the blue one (Atmel) and I started using the AVR family of 8-bit micro-controllers: from the ATMega32 onwards. A few years ago I started developing for the Atmel SAM7S and NXP LPC17xx family of 32-bit ARM Cortex processors. Very recently I settled for ST’s low-cost STM32 family of microprocessors which provides good value for price.

In 2013 I completed most of my C framework unification that enables me to produce binaries for different platforms (Windows, embedded, and even Commodore 64) with the same look and feel.

Enjoy your stay!