Welcome to my website! For those wondering which Luigi this is among the few ones who share their name with myself, I am the author of projects such as DC2N, USBhost-64, C2NEmu, and IECHost.

If you were directed to this website through a link to a very specific subject, such as Integrator 2012, I suggest you check my SoftwareHardware, and Retroware pages which have handy links to filter my WordPress.com posts by subject: hopefully that should allow you to get to the articles that are most relevant to your visit here 🙂

At work I am a DevOps Tech Lead so I get to work with the latest technologies and open-source software such as Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, within an AWS-based platform. However, in my private time I enjoy retro-computing: my projects are often related to the Commodore 64. The latter was the first programmable home computer I had when I was a teenager. My passion for this system has only grown over time, to the point that I designed both new hardware interfaces and software for it. You can find a few more details around here and within my WordPress.com blog.

From an education/background perspective I should mention that I hold a Master’s Degree in Electronics Engineering and I am specialized in the design of electronic medical equipment. However, my thesis was worked at within the Department of Electronic Measurements of the University of Naples “Federico II”, where I developed part of the analog interface and the whole firmware for accurate distance measurements by means of ultrasonic echo detection. An accurate detection of the on-set point of the ultrasonic echo was achieved by using a Discrete Kalman Filter, implemented on a Microchip DSP.
After obtaining my Masters Degree I completed a five-month Network and Network Security post-graduate course that gave me a better view of the TCP/IP stack, of the PKI infrastructure, and of Security Hardening methods for computer networks. Most of the Networking material I became familiar with during the course formed the basis of Cisco’s “CCNA” curriculum.

Along with these education experiences, I always enjoyed computer programming: very early in BASIC for my Commodore 64, then using AMOS for my Commodore Amiga 500, through to command-line PC applications written in “C”. I subsequently got exposed to the Win32 API for building GUI applications, and eventually to the GTK+ 2 framework, which I adopted heavily due to its multi-platform support.

Having acquired some experience with embedded system development during the work on my thesis, and having enjoyed it, I also started making plans about designing an embedded device of mine, the DC2N. During the discovery activities I abandoned the red path (Microchip) in order to walk along the blue one (Atmel) and I started using the AVR family of 8-bit micro-controllers: from the ATMega32 onwards. A few years ago I started developing for the Atmel SAM7S and NXP LPC17xx family of 32-bit ARM Cortex processors. Very recently I settled for ST’s low-cost STM32 family of microprocessors that provide good value for price.

In 2013 I completed most of my “C” framework unification that enables me to produce binaries for different platforms (Windows, embedded, and, to some extent, even Commodore 64) with the same look and feel.

Enjoy your stay!