ALBERT version 1.1.2 released

Version 1.1.2 of ALBERT, the pixel art editor for creating extended Commodore 64 images, is now available on its official homepage. Binaries are available for Windows and macOS (Intel). For Linux users, Docker images are published on Docker Hub here.

ALBERT: About dialog by Luigi Di Fraia

ALBERT: About dialog

This is a minor update delivering the following changes:

  • Fixed syntax highlighting for the scripting window under macOS
  • Revised the drawstar() Lua function to only accept the star’s width and automatically calculate its height to guarantee radial symmetry
  • Added support for Drean (PAL-N) systems to the stable code for the Commodore 64
  • Added avatars to the About dialog and slightly refactored its contents
  • Added another sample project

Happy Easter to Everyone!