ALBERT version 1.1.0 released

Version 1.1.0 of ALBERT, the pixel art editor for creating extended Commodore 64 images, is now available on its official homepage.
Binaries are available for Windows and macOS (Intel). For Linux users, Docker images are published on Docker Hub here.

With support for rectangular selections, symmetrical drawing, image and selection flipping, and many more features, ALBERT celebrates its first year of development with a bang!

Furthermore, there’s an Easter egg in ALBERT 1.1.0. If you can find it, contact me with its details and you get a chance to prioritize a feature from the list of ALBERT’s upcoming features.

ALBERT: Christmas About dialog by Luigi Di Fraia

ALBERT: Christmas About dialog

Here are all changes delivered in this update:

  • Added support for rectangular selections (drag, cut, copy, and paste), solid or transparent
  • Added support for symmetrical (horizontal, vertical, quadrant, and bisected quadrant) drawing and flood fill
  • Added support for flipping (horizontally or vertically) canvas and selection contents
  • Added the option to load transparent PNG images into a separate layer to be used as a drawing reference, which can be hidden and shown as needed
  • Added the option for setting the aspect ratio of pixels (1:1, PAL, or NTSC) for the main canvas and the preview window
  • Added the option to reset image adjustment curve properties when importing PNG images
  • Added the option to set font properties for the scripting window (part of the Preferences dialog)
  • Added two new Lua functions to draw hollow and filled rectangles
  • Added two new Lua functions to draw ellipses and provide a strong reference for drawing circles when targeting PAL or NTSC displays
  • Added the option to generate random shapes using the Pareidolia menu item
  • Added shortcuts for setting the color of pen 1 to values in the range 8-15
  • When opening a project or importing a PNG image the main canvas is now zoomed for best fit
  • Corrected the display of the current graphic mode in the main window’s status bar
  • Fixed color swapping and replacing so that they only modify the editable area and correctly process color clashing
  • Multiple instances of dialogs that require user interaction cannot be erroneously created any longer by users under macOS
  • Added a few more sample projects

Merry Christmas to everyone!