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Initial idea by:Tom Roger Skauen.
Developed by: Luigi Di Fraia.
Beta testing: Fabrizio Gennari.
Description: Lets you connect the PC LPT port to the C64 Cassette Port to make your PC emulate a Commodore Datasette.
Hardware: Ready. An alternative protected scheme is available.
Software: Ready.
Documentation: Available.
Project Status: Finished.
LPT Resources: Eng. Giorgio Ober (http://www.giobe2000.it).

Circuit diagramCircuit diagram for Standard LPTC2N Cable

(designed by Luigi Di Fraia
and tested by Fabrizio Gennari)

Printed circuit BoardPrinted circuit board for Standard LPTC2N Cable

(designed by Luigi Di Fraia)

Protected LPTC2N Cable (not tested)

LPTC2N - Commodore Datasette Emulator V1.3 [beta] (DOS, requires Cwsdpmi.Exe)
2003-2004 Luigi Di Fraia (e-mail me for feedbacks)
Based on Markus Brenner's PTap Tool (http://markus.brenner.de), loads TAP files to C64 using the described LPTC2N Cable.

CWSDPMI5 - To provide DPMI services


Standard LPTC2N Cable Direct Connections

6 pins connector
PC LPT connector
Circuit Parts
A-1  GND Pins 18...25 --
B-2  +5V -- 2.7 KW resistor
C-3  Motor -- 330 KW resistor (I use the parallel of 390K and 2.2M)
D-4  Read Pin 3 --
E-5  Write Pin 10 --
F-6  Sense Pin 4 --

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