What is BMP2Koala?

BMP2Koala is a tool for building Commodore 64 Koala-Painter format files from compatible Windows uncompressed BMP files. After a Koala-Painter file has been built it can be internally converted to other common C64 formats, compressed or not, before being saved. Alternatively, native C64 conversion tools may be used to convert or pack files generated by BMP2Koala.
BMP2Koala belongs to the group of tools made for easy C64 software/graphics development, but it is not a conversion tool: this program doesn't do any type of conversion to adapt a picture to the C64 hires display limits. If you need a program to do the above mentioned thing, sorry, but you have to search elsewhere (check the suggested Links).

What is a C64 Koala-Painter format file?

Koala-Painter is one of the most popular C64 painting programs. It only supports internal format files and that's why there have been written a lot of C64 utilities (hardcopy's, conversion-programs etc.) for it.

What should we expect from BMP2Koala?

BMP2Koala produces picture files whose compression ratio is pretty high and should allow saving space in C64 RAM. It's planned to add support for compressed Koala-Painter format and some other formats too. If you would like any format support being added, contact me.